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Beautiful Creatures Full Set | Kickstarter Pack

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From the Beautiful Creature Kickstarter campaign funded in August 2020.
Included in this package are all core and stretch goal models.

Some stretch goals are not yet ready and will be added to this product upon completion. All you will need to do is open this product's content in your Gumroad library to have access after they are added. You will not need to purchase another product. 

Core Set

x1 Moosifer Cat Demon
x2 Moose
x2 Bear
x2 Lynx
x2 Boar
x2 Maned Wolf
x2 Fox
x2 Horse
x2 Red Panda
x1 Meerkat 

Stretch Goals 

x1 Jackalope - ADDED
x1 Nightmare - ADDED 
x1 Hell Hound - ADDED
x1 Sabre Tooth Tiger - ADDED 
x1 Cloaker - ADDED
x1 Faerie Dragon - ADDED 
x1 Couatl - ADDED
x1 Pseudodragon - ADDED 
x1 Flumph - ADDED 
x1 Warg - ADDEDx1 Displacer Beast - ADDED
x3 Surprise Original Creature - Tor Horse ADDED
x1 Surprise Original Creature PDF - Statblock + Lore - ADDED

Thank you for supporting Bella Nacht Miniatures! 

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Beautiful Creatures Full Set | Kickstarter Pack

20 ratings
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