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Bella's Ultimate Halloween Pack

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All of Bella Nacht's Halloween figures as of January 2023

All figures are to 75mm scale. 

Most figures are pre-supported (pumpkin mimc, pumpkin latte, frank & francene, Florentine ATL are unsupported)

Included figures:

  • Lovers Lost 
  • Pumpkin Latte (unsupported)
  • Pumpkin Mimic (unsupported) 
  • Pumpkin Latte (unsupported) 
  • Francene Bust (unsupported)
  • Frank Bust (unsupported) 
  • Illeanna Bust 
  • Irene Bust 
  • Cordelia Bust 
  • Laverra Bust 
  • Florentine Bust 
  • Irene the Vampire Hunter Full Figure 
  • Florentine Full Figure 
  • Florentine Full Figure Alt (unsupported)
  • Belinda the Witch 
  • Elowyn the Necromancer 
  • Laverra Full Figure
  • Mushie Witches full diorama (2 characters, props) 

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Bella's Ultimate Halloween Pack

0 ratings
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